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The Evolution of Radio

Ever since the first appearance of a radio in 1890’s, we were trying to find new ways to change the way it works and enhance the reception and transmission system. Basic radio principle is using any radio waves to transport information from one side to another, in a form of sound, by changing the properties of electromagnetic energy and waves transmitted. Usually their pulse width, amplitude, phase or frequency. A lot has changed since the first appearance of radio, but the concept remained the same. But the big step came when radio was entwined with internet.

Streaming Radio History.

Internet radio or online radio, webcasting, web radio is available service that is transmitted via the internet. Pioneer of internet radio service was Carl Malamud, who started a talk show in 1993, called “Internet Talk Radio.”

This was the first talk show on computer-radio. The first major broadcast was the Rolling Stones concert in November 1994. Over time people were getting more used to the idea the sound can now be transmitted not only trough telephone or radio, TV, but also internet.

The popularity of internet radio increased over time as more talk shows appeared as well as broadcasts of live game matches, news, and other entertaining broadcasts.

Virgin Radio became the first radio station to offer a full program of a live broadcast on the internet in 1996. This attracted many advertising companies that were interested in this new way of reaching out to people.

The biggest stock price jump in the United states happened due to this new found possibility of advertising products and merchandise over internet radio. Many Radio stations increased their streaming quality after 2000 when new ways were discovered to use bandwidth in more economical ways.

Most of the stations today use streaming from in between 64 kilobits per second to 128 kilobits per second that resembles a CD audio quality.

Modern day Radio.

Nowadays you can find any music genre on the internet radio. Most of radio stations found online broadcast also news, health talk shows, politics news and other relevant topics.

Finding the right station was never easier, where you only need to pick what kind of music you want to hear. Local radios are intended for a single area, where the broadcast signal reaches as far as the city or area goes.

There you can find all the important topics regarding your city. They all cover 24 h broadcast so you can enjoy your favorite music any time of the day, without worrying about to many commercials interrupting.

Every electrical device in modern society has the ability to receive radio signals, from laptops, desktops, phones, iPads, iPhones, or even tablets. We are living in a time where technology in constantly upgraded and every day we can find new technological breakthroughs. What can be the next step for radio? No one knows but we are certain that this current quality of audio broadcast is more than enough to enjoy music or find something new about the world.

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